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Double pumps solar work station

Main technical data

1. Dimension: 465×335×115mm
2. System design pressure: 10 bar
3. Safety valve respond pressure: 6 bar
4. Arrange of pressure gauge: 0-10 bar
5. WILO pump model: RS15/6 or RS25/6
6. Flow balancing valve: 6-12 L/M adjustable
7. Screw coupling: 1/2〞or 3/4〞
8. Pipeline Material: Brass
9. Insulation material: EPP
10. Range of environment temperature: -10~50℃
11. Water protection grade: IP40
Application systems:
1.    The solar system with two collector arrays and one tank
2.    The solar system with one collector array and two tanks
3.    The system with solar circulation and hot water circulation
4.    Other suitable systems